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Master Shigeho Tanaka

Master Shigeho Tanaka
9th Dan Aikido Budo
- Emeritus Shihan

Master Norio Tao

7th Dan Aikido Budo
- Shihan

Master Pat Stratford 8th dan Retires From Teaching, November 6th 2011

Master Pat Stratford, Honorary President and Chief Technical Advisor of the Aikido Union England, sadly announced that he would be retiring from active teaching on the tatami due to on-going knee problems and strict medical advice. He maintains his weekly presence at the dojo to give Technical Advice to the Instructors and will continue to attend each Aikido Course at Coventry as long as he is able to do so. We look forward to his guidance continuing from the side lines and Sensei John Gaynor 6th dan taking over the Instruction on the tatami at the monthly Coventry courses.

Sensei John Gaynor Rokudan (6th Dan) - 7th November 2010

Sensei John Gaynor was awarded the rank of Rokudan (6th Dan) on the 7th November 2010 at Coventry, England, UK, by Master Pat Stratford 'Honorary President and technical advisor of the Aikido Union England' at the end of a monthly Aikido course. The rank was awarded for his achievements in Aikido and his continuing work to uphold the values of the Aikido Union England as President, and to spread the learning of Aikido and Japanese tradition throughout the UK.

Japanese Government honours Mr Patrick Stratford 26th May 2009

Master Pat Stratford was awarded the honour of the 'Order of the Rising Sun' Gold & Silver Rays upon him in a special ceremony at the Japanese Ambassadors Residence, Kensington Palace Gardens, London. Master Stratford is the only 'Budo Sensei' outside of Japan to receive such a high level of the 'Order of the Rising Sun'.

The Embassy of Japan has an article on thier website which can be seen at Embassy of Japan in the UK website

Master Patrick Stratford 8th Dan 30th September 2001

Master Stratford was honoured by a special ceremony on the 30th September 2001 in Derby, U.K, where he received his 8th Dan Aikido, awarded by the entire membership and officials of the Aikido Union England & the Amateur Martial Association. Master Stratford was last graded in 1986 to 6th dan in Aikido Budo by Master Shigeho Tanaka 9th dan

Japan Matsuri 2001, Festival in the Park, London. 19th and 20th May 2001

We were privileged to have been asked by the Japanese Embassy to demonstrate Aikido on their behalf in Londons Hyde Park during the Matsuri Festival in the Park weekend. This was part of the official Japan 2001 events.