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Master Patrick.W.Stratford (Deceased) Former president, Technical Advisor & Chief Instructor - Aikido Union England

Master Pat Stratford

Master Shigeho Tanaka (Deceased)

Master Shigeho Tanaka
9th Dan Aikido Budo
- Emeritus Shihan

Tanaka Shigeho Emeritus Shihan sadly passed away

It is with great sadness we have to announce the passing of Aikido Budo legend, Tanaka Shigeho Emeritus Shihan. He returned to the source Monday May 11th 2020, aged 92.

Please find below the message from Tokyo University Aikido Club who have repurposed one of their email addresses to receive condolence emails from all over the world to hand them as print-outs to Tanaka-sensei's family at the funeral.

Also, if anyone still has photos of Tanaka-sensei, possibly with themselves also in the picture, please do not hesitate to send them to this email address also.

Everything received at this email address that is marked as 'Condolences to Tanaka-sensei's family' will be passed on directly to the family. Messages (condolences) from persons from abroad(=from outside Japan) should please be sent to (Usually, this is the address for contributions to the alumni magazine 'Akamon Aikido' but we are going to use it as the email for receiving (condolence) messages for a while now.)

All messages received by May 13th 22:00 hours Japanese time kindly will be printed out and handed to Tanaka-sensei's family by a person attending his funeral on May 14th. Messages received after this deadline will be (printed and) sent to the family by postal mail afterwards.

Regarding the funeral, because of the current situation, I hear that they it will be a family funeral with only a small number of persons.

Master Shigeho Tanaka

Master Pat Stratfords Funeral service

For my Aikido friends: Master Pat Stratfords Funeral service will be held at: CANLEY CREMATORIUM, CANLEY. COVENTRY. CHARTER CHAPEL. @ 1PM. Tuesday 26th February 2019 Wake afterwards at: COVENTRY & NORTH WARWICKSHIRE SPORTS CLUB. BINLEY ROAD. COVENTRY. CV3 1HB. Between 2pm and 6pm.

Master Pat Stratford sadly passed away 12 February 2019

Sad news for my Aikido friends: Master Pat Stratford (Founder and Hon.President of the Aikido Union England, Bestowed the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver rays) passed away yesterday 12/2/2019. He was rushed into hospital on Saturday morning with pneumonia. They found that he had a weak heart and it could not fight off the infection. Further details of any arrangements will be released in due course. A legend in Aikido Budo in the UK, can now rest in peace and return to the source. With Love and respect, John Gaynor, President Aikido Union England.

Master Pat Stratford 8th dan Retires From Teaching, November 6th 2011

Master Pat Stratford, Honorary President and Chief Technical Advisor of the Aikido Union England, sadly announced that he would be retiring from active teaching on the tatami due to on-going knee problems and strict medical advice. He maintains his weekly presence at the dojo to give Technical Advice to the Instructors and will continue to attend each Aikido Course at Coventry as long as he is able to do so. We look forward to his guidance continuing from the side lines and Sensei John Gaynor 6th dan taking over the Instruction on the tatami at the monthly Coventry courses.

Sensei John Gaynor Rokudan (6th Dan) - 7th November 2010

Sensei John Gaynor was awarded the rank of Rokudan (6th Dan) on the 7th November 2010 at Coventry, England, UK, by Master Pat Stratford 'Honorary President and technical advisor of the Aikido Union England' at the end of a monthly Aikido course. The rank was awarded for his achievements in Aikido and his continuing work to uphold the values of the Aikido Union England as President, and to spread the learning of Aikido and Japanese tradition throughout the UK.