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The loss of an Aikido Budo legend

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Master Pat Stratford Master Pat Stratford.(Deceased)
Former President,
Founder Member.

About the Aikido Union England

In 1958, Master Patrick.W.Stratford founded the Aikido Union of England.

The aim and purpose was, and still is to introduce, preserve and pass on the traditions of Aikido/Budo, as taught by Master Shigeho Tanaka 9th Dan, who was one of the original students of Morehei Ueshiba. The building of a stronghold in this country will uphold this living martial tradition together with the introduction of Japanese thought.

It will further the development of a path to general physical, mental and spiritual well being of its students through careful guidance and instruction.

It has become one of the main aims to uphold a high standard and to honour the principles of Traditional Aikido/Budo without corruptive influences to the art.

The Aikido Union England is a group of clubs from all over England, united in the true spirit of Budo. Its sole aim is to promote Aikido.

Master Stratford maintained his close friendship with Master Tanaka and Master Norio Tao. We are honoured to have continued official endorsement from the Japanese Government through Master Stratfords life long studies and devotion to his Japanese friends in the world of Aikido Budo.

"To study and to practice Aikido and to obey the principles is to study the 'samurai code'"  P.Stratford

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